Coca-cola amatil limited management

Januar 21st, 2018


The soda manufacturing industry is probably the largest industries around the globe. In Australia, it is one of the greatest income generators, estimated at $4bn by 2016 according to the 2016 report (, 2016 P. 1). The important players in the market in Australia happen to be Coca-Cola Amatil Small and Asahi Holdings. The purpose of this paper is to investigate and evaluate the performance of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited by first looking at the summary of the business itself.

Overview of the Company

Management and directors of the company

The administration of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited comprises of the Board of Directors and the group leadership workforce. THE PRINCIPLE Executive Officer, officially referred to as the group controlling director, Ms. Alison Watkins (CCA, P.1) is normally both on the panel of directors and the leadership staff.

The plank of directors comprises of the Chairman, Mr. David Gonski, and the CEO (CCA, P. 1). The Chairman is usually a non-executive director.

The different non-executive directors are the following:

  • Ilana Atlas, Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • John Borghetti, Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • Anthony (Tony) Froggatt, Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • Martin Jansen, Non-Executive Director
  • Mark Johnson, Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • Wal King, AO Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • David Meiklejohn, AM Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • Catherine Brenner, Non-Executive Director
  • Paul O’Sullivan, Non-Executive Director (Independent)
  • Krishnakumar Thirumalai, Non-Executive Director (Nominee of TCCC) (CCM, 2016)

The management team contains the Group managing director, Ms. Alison Watkins, and the following:

  • Mr. Reg Weine, Controlling Director SPC
  • Mr. Barry O’Connell, Managing Director, Australian Beverages
  • Mr. Kadir Gunduz, Taking care of Director, Indonesia & PNG
  • Mr. Shane Richardson, Managing Director, Alcohol & Coffee
  • Mr. Chris Litchfield, Taking care of Director, New Zealand & Fiji
  • Ms. Libbi Wilson, Group RECRUITING Director
  • Ms. Betty Iyanoff, Group General Counsel
  • Ms. Katie Newton-John, Joint Provider Secretary
  • Mr. James Lane, Sales Director
  • Ms. Liz McNamara, Group Head of Community Affairs and Communications
  • Mr. Simon Edgar, Director Marketing, and Strategy
  • Mr. Chris Sullivan, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Mr. Warwick Hutton, Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Andrew Wilson, General Manager-Strategy, Planning & Innovation
  • Mr. Davis Akers, Mind of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Kate Mason, Chief Transformation Officer (, 2016)

Major shareholders (holding at least 5% of shares)

Coca-Cola Amatil Limited is a open public limited enterprise in Australia (, 2016 P. 1). According to, (2016), the major shareholders will be the following:

  • Coca-Cola Holdings Ltd of the United States of America, with a share shareholding of 29.21
  • HSBC Custody Nominees Limited (Australia) with a talk about of 18.65%
  • JP Morgan Nominees Australia Small with 10.05% shareholding
  • National Nominees Limited (Australia) with 8.54% shareholding
  • Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited with 5.93% shareholding.

Compensation of Directors and Leading Executives

The company includes a remuneration committee that is responsible for setting out the remuneration of most employees. The committee has arranged favourable compensation incentive ideas that are effectiveness based; a key operations who performs better is likely to earn more on top of the fixed remuneration. In line with the CCA Annual Report (2015, P. 62), the reimbursement of key management staff was as follows;

A.M. Watkins, the Group Managing Director, had a fixed compensation including Salary and leaves entitlements amounting to $2,263,266, non-monetary benefits of $450, superannuation of basic wage of $19,046 and another amount of $7,720. The manager was also able to take at-risk efficiency related settlement which amounted to $1,564,500 (Coca-Cola Amatil Annual Record, 2015, P. 62). The Group Chief Financial Officer, Mr. M.J. Robert had a set earnings of $1,810,083 and non-monetary advantages of $258. He also received a superannuation of bottom income amounting to $9,654 (CCA Annual Survey, 2015, P. 62). He was also eligible for at-risk performance-related compensation of $267,027 (CCA Annual Record, 2015, P. 62). The Group Human Resources Director, E.C Wilson, was eligible for a fixed income of $620,987 and non-monetary advantages of $36,562 (CCA Annual Report, 2015, P. 62). The Managing Director of Indonesia & PNG was eligible for a fixed wage of $719,674 and non-monetary great things about $432,970, and a risk allowance of $ 371, 626 (CCA Annual Report, 2015, P. 62). The managing director of New Zealand and Fiji was entitled to a fixed salary of $341, 440 and non-monetary benefits of $5,254 with risk allowance of $316,269 (CCA Annual Report, 2015, P. 62). The managing director of Australian Beverages, on the other hand, was entitled to a set earnings of $939,462 and non-monetary great things about $118,222 with a risk allowance of $491,447 (CCA Annual Record, 2015, P. 62).

Key overall performance Indicators (accounting and industry)

Coca-Cola Amatil Small, being the largest organization in the Asia Pacific in the soft drinks industry, has several essential performance indicators which serve as the basis for its business decisions. Relating to (2016), the Accounting Key Overall performance Indicators include:

  • The Return on Earnings percentage
  • Percentage Return on Shareholders‘ Funds
  • Percentage Return on Assets
  • Percentage Profit Margin
  • The Revenue per Employee
  • The Net Income after Taxes (NPAT) per Employee
  • The percentage Effective Tax Rate
  • The Percentage Gearing
  • The Interest Cover
  • The Current Ratio
  • The Dividends paid out per Share

The Marketing Key Effectiveness Indicators are:

  • The percentage change of Total Revenue Growth
  • The percentage change in Sales Revenue Growth
  • The Percentage change altogether Assets
  • The percentage transformation in the web Profit After Tax
  • The percentage change in Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA)
  • The percentage transformation in Shareholder’s Funds

Evaluation of the overall performance of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited

Coca-Cola Amatil Limited is one of the important players in the SODA Manufacturing Sector in Australia. The industry’s retail market has been strike by changing buyer preferences of soft drink which has resulted in a substantial drop in revenue. On the other hand, the growth in recognition of energy and athletics beverages has spearheaded the progress of the industry. Relating to (2016), the industry income has been projected to improve at an annual fee of 2.4% for another five years through 2015-2016.

In Australia, the company is ranked position 72 in the top 2000 companies. The primary source of income of the business is from the produce of beverage and tobacco in the Australia sector. Regarding to (2016), Coca-Cola Amatil Small is reported to contain generated total revenue of $5.253 billion in the year ending 2016. The business operates in two groupings namely: Non-Alcoholic beverages, and Alcoholic, Meals, and Services.

Under the Non-Alcoholic Beverage segment, the business manufactures and distributes the Coca-Cola qualified products in five Asia Pacific countries which are Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia (, 2016). For the purpose of evaluation, the report will cover the various segments where Coca-Cola Amatil Small operates.

Spirit Manufacturing in Australia

In 2007, CCA began to venture into the liquor market after signing a 10 year manage Beam Global Spirits and Wines Inc and executing it as a jv with SABMiller (, 2016). By 2016, the amount of companies in the industry can be 71 with a turnover growth rate of 1 1.31 and a size of $1.7831 billion (, 2016). Coca-Cola Amatil Limited has an estimated market show of 15.3% in this industry (, 2016).

Over the past five years, from 2012 to 2017, CCA’s alcoholic segment has been performing well despite a reduced consumption which includes slowed growth rate. According to (2016), CCA’s revenue in this market is likely to increase at an annual fee of 3.3% through December 2017. The primary competitors are Diageo Australia Limited and Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited. Diageo and Asahi Holdings contain industry shares of 23.6% and 12.3% respectively, implying that Diageo may be the market leader followed by CCA.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Australia

The organization ventures in the fruit and veggie processing through its subsidiary enterprise known as SPC Ardmona (, 2016). The subsidiary functions a broad selection of fruits and vegetable goods for sale in various retail stores. The business’s effectiveness in this segment offers been hampered by affordable imports from South Africa and Italy (, 2016). There’s been a competition between the major supermarkets such as for example Woolworths and Coles, which includes also resulted in the reduction in

prices of the merchandise. The market size is estimated to get $5.8864 billion with a turnover growth amount of 0.29. CCA has a market share of 5.7%. Other players in the Industry happen to be Simplot Australia Pty Limited and Heinz Wattie’s Pty Limited with industry shares of 8.1% and 6.6% respectively (, 2016).

Coca-Cola Amatil has been struggling to handle the competition over the past five years. Generally, it’s been underperforming because of oversupply from low-priced imports. Extreme weather in addition has affected the company because it has reduced fresh make. In 2013, the full total earnings was 319.8, up from 317.2 in 2012. There is also a rise in 2014, but the revenue decreased in 2015 which was recorded to be 319.6 down from 328.1 in 2014. The revenue in 2016 rose to 332.4.

Soft Drink Manufacturing

Coca-Cola Amatil offers being the largest soft drink company in Australia with market talk about of 53.8% (, 2016). Its rival, Asahi Holdings Pty Limited includes a market share of 24.9%. Historically, the functionality of CCA offers been strong. However, excessive competition and shift of customer’s desire of carbonated drinks due to health issues have significantly afflicted the revenue. Despite being the marketplace leader in the market, CCA provides been underperforming over the last five years. The business’s revenue has been falling due to pressures from competitors and marketing costs. Relating to IBISWorld record (2016), the revenue elevated between 2011 and 2012. From 2012 to 2016, the gains have sharply decreased.

Overall Company Performance

In general, CCA has been executing relatively well since its main business segment has the highest market show in Australia.

Sales Revenue

According to Saunders & Cornett (2014), sales income refers to the web income from the revenue of goods or offerings after all of the costs have already been subtracted. During the last five years, CCA has been recording an unstable progress in sales earnings. As at December 2012, the sales earnings was $5,097,400. This is accompanied by a drop in 2013 which recorded sales earnings of $5,036,400, a growth price of -1.2%. In 2014, the sales income grew for a price of -1.9% to $4,942,800. This was the cheapest figure in the span of five years. In 2015, CCA did too much to achieve high sales income of %5,093,600,000 which is equivalent to a growth level of 3.1%. In 2016, the sales income changed positively at a rate of just one 1.1% to track record a amount of $5,150,800,000 (, 2016). Although the sales development rate appears to be staggering, the common growth of sales earnings from 2011 to 2016 is 1.4%.

Total Revenue

Saunders & Cornett (2014) determine total income as the money of a organization from all sources, like the sales revenue, in a given period. The physique includes the sales earnings and income from other sources. Just like the sales revenue, CCA has already established unstable total earnings since 2012. The company recorded $5.175 billion of total income in 2012 (, 2016). In 2013, the total revenue dropped by 1.1% to record $5.1199 billion (, 2016). In the following year, an additional decline in total income was also realized, at an astounding amount of $5.0341 billion, that was a stop by 1.7% (, 2016). In 2015, CCA’s total revenue increased for a price of 3% to become $5.1869 billion by the end of the year (, 2016). By the end of 2016, the full total revenue was recorded as $5.2532 billion, which was an increase of just one 1.3% from the previous year. On average, the percentage modification in growth rate since 2011 is 1.5%, implying that the company is on the right course. However, comparing to the common growth rate in the industry that was 2.36% in 2016, the business has been underperforming.

Net Profit after Tax (NPAT)

Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) is the amount of cash a company earns after all its expenditures (Saunders & Cornett, 2014). Coca-Cola Amatil Small has been struck by fluctuations in earnings, and its gains have generally been decreasing sharply from 2012 to date. In 2012, the web profit after taxes was $457.8 million. This was accompanied by a sharp reduction in 2013, which was $79.9 million, that is a percentage decrease of 82.5% (, 2016). In 2014, the gains increased more than twice and reached $272.1 million, which is 240.6% growth. The profits grew further by 44.6% in 2015 but, as of 2016 December, the profit was $246.1 million as opposed to $393.4 million in 2015, which was a decrease of 37.4% (, 2016). Typically, CCA has not been successful regarding profits. Its average modification in NPAT is -16.1%. By December 2016, the sector average NPAT was 4.99%, implying that CCA has got been performing badly.

Return on Earnings (ROR)

To understand the profitability of CCA, it is vital to consider the change in ROR. In 2012, the switch in ROR was 8.9% (, 2016). In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, the ROR was 1.6%, 5.4%, 7.6% and 4.7% respectively (, 2016). Therefore that the company was more lucrative in 2012 and 2015 when compared to rest of the years.

Return on Possessions (ROA)

The ROA measures the profitability of a company in relation to its assets. CCA is doing well since it has been documenting a great ROA since 2012. Coca-Cola Amatil Limited management team can be said to be efficient in utilizing possessions to generate revenue. From 2012 to 2016, the Return on Resources is normally 6.8%, 1.2%, 4.5%, 5.9%, and 3.8% respectively. The common ROA in the industry as at 2016 was 1.9% in comparison to CCA’s 3.8% (, 2016). The business has, subsequently, been performing well in the industry.

Question 2

Robert Alba only won the state lottery. He offers been given the option of obtaining either $62.9 million today or $5 million a year for the next 35 years, with the first repayment paid today. Discuss the procedure that Robert should use to determine which repayment option he prefers. Dismiss all taxes and believe that Jesse will live for at least 40 additional years


To determine the best option, we need to determine the present value the Annuity credited of for the provided cash flows because the payment in the second option will probably be made at the start of the time. Present benefit or the discounted benefit refers to the current worthy of of the given amount of money or the blast of cash flow that will be received in potential at a particular rate of return (Brealey, Myers, Allen, and Mohanty, 2012). The present value is usually significantly less than the future value as a result of time value of money characteristic, which states that funds will always earn an interest; accordingly, a dollar today is certainly more than a dollar tomorrow.

The formula is as follow;

(Brealey, Myers, Allen, and Mohanty, 2012)

Where C=the money given per period

i = rate of interest

n= the quantity of payments

In this case, today’s benefit of $62.9 million today is $62.9 million. Robert Alba should determine the present benefit of the cumulative money flows of $5 million each year for 35 years. The best option would be that with the best present value.

Using the formula above, today’s value for choice B will get as follow;

Assuming a uniform interest rate of 10%,

$53.04 million can be less than $62.9 million; subsequently, Robert Alba should select alternative A, i.e. to get the payment of $62.9 million now.

List References

  • Brealey, R.A good., Myers, S.C., Allen, F. and Mohanty, P., 2012. Principles of corporate finance. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.
  • CCA Annual Report, 2015. Real Possibilities Real Improvement-2015 Annual Report. Accessed on
  • CCA, n.d. Coca-Cola Amatil Limited. Accessed on
  •, 2016. IBISWorld Company Premium Statement: Coca-Cola Amatil Limited. Harmony Date: 2016
  • Saunders, A good. and Cornett, M.M., 2014. Financial organizations management. McGraw-Hill Education.

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