…and the regatta! (last of the winterseries 14/03/2010)




Well, after this training the only objective was not to damage the boat (and neither us and even trying to get not too many more bruises…).

Two races, quiet some wind, not much confidence, but with agreed potential!

The start of the first race was awesome and we could keep up! We were not last, we got tangled up in the downwind mark crowed, we yelled for room and felt great! The Spi went up, we gibed, gibed again and had to even emergency gibe again!!!
Maybe really not yet time to sell the boat…

And we left quiet some boats behind us! Also in the second race, we kept the configuration with Stan on the helm, Denis on the jib and me on the bow! It went well, the start was somewhat more moderate, but
still, we kept up and left boats behind us!

Picture of the race with Jabbadabbadoo in front

In the end we have been 16th of 23 boats which finished!!!!

What a feeling and what a day!

And I think I am still smiling….

Happy cleaning after


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