first training 2010 and baptising of the boat !!!!

JabbadabbadooFinally after three cancelled regattas due to a wonderful winter with amazing amounts of snow (for the Netherlands) we could sail again!!! And for the first time with our properly named boat!Jabbadabbadoo nicely in blue on the side of the boat. It does make a all the difference.

Stan preparing for the training

Denis working on the rigging

However, we tried really hard to mess up completely… Halfway through the training was the mood in the basement and the conclusion was, that we really should sell the boat again…We did not even manage to gibe once with the spinnaker! It is impressive when the spi is almost a flag, just that we really could not appreciate it as we were trying to stay on the boat. And believe me, there are nicer ways of getting hugged as by the mast….

Ok, at that point we decided to start all over again, Denis went from the bow to the jib, Stan stayed on the helm and I went to the bow and we gave it one more try (something like, we will not give up this easily, this boat is a wild monster, but hey, so are we!!!!)

It worked. I am not saying it went perfectly, but it went, we maneuvered, we gibed, we had fun! Hallelujah!

Happy Sailors

And with this enlightened and great mood we finished training (ok, after a loooong training – I really could not hoist one more sail any more) we went back in the harbor for baptizing the boat (and celebrating that if we have nothing else we still have potentialÂ…)!!!!

With great Champaign and even greater enthusiasm we baptized the boat to the name:


baptising of Jabbadabbadoo!

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