Pleased to meet you! We are the NED1360: an old boat with a big reputation, but with a new name and a fresh team. Most of the J22 sailors look back to extensive experiences in all different kind of boats and at large regattas. Many seem to be even born in an optimist!


Not us. We learned sailing only some years back and are participating in competitive races for about 3 years. We usually sail dinghies at the other small club harbour of the Braassemermeer and discovered this great fleet of one-design keelboats right in our backyard. So we decided to get one 😉


Buying a boat was easier than sailing it well, or even getting crew to sail it at all. So for example we only committed ourselves to participate in the Worlds at the very last week when we finally got our team complete. And our objective for the Worlds was to learn and to catch the tail of the fleet, and maybe, just maybe, to leave a boat behind.


But we enjoyed an awesome world cup in Caribic Scheveningen, also thanks to all the advice we got from everyone during our first year in the class. And the nicest thing, we were not last!


We are looking forward to learn so much more, to a great new world of sailing experiences and to `gezellig` social programmes with all the other J-sailors!


NED1360 Jabbadabbadoo! Nadine & Stan

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