Worlds 2010 – from our guest sailor Emma!

While I was minding my newly-started internship and my two-week-old move to Holland on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, they found me ! Stan and Nadine replied to my J22 forum post and magically asked me to sail the worlds with them , even though I had never seen a J22 boat before in my life…probably they didn’t know what mistake they were up to! I jumped up and down in disbelief of my good luck ( I didn’t know about the bruises then ) and soon everything was set to go to the worlds.


The big bet was to become in two weeks best friends with the spinnaker pole and  the ropes in the bow and get over the fact that I had to stand on a boat that was occasionally tilted 45° degrees. Overcome with joy, I promised I’d do my best (everything goes for a week of sailing) and here we were in Scheveningen under the bright sun,

rain, gusts, fog, rainbow, me and the Italians getting a tan and the rest getting burnt.




My favorite moments ? Two. The start that everyone thought we were early, but I’m sure we were fine, and the last race, when finally things started to piece together : for a change, we had speed and could point higher than the previous days.  A favorable wind shift along with good use of the strong current and we passed 8-10 boats ! First time this happened !


Although my frustration was evident during the week due to fouls at the buoys and our inability to point higher, which was visibly making us lose by the boats we were starting with, halfway I started realising that our learning curve was taking place during the race. We were less experienced than the rest, didn’t know each other, made plenty of mistakes and STILL we were not last, were really close to the fleet, I was learning a new boat and position and the guys were finally sailing a J22 in the sea with waves.


Happy ? Of course. Thankful to Nadine and Stan for welcoming me ? Clearly. For extra happiness, I remind myself that they didn’t lose me in the sea one day when I slipped.  My saviors !




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