worlds 2010!


Chapter 1- Pre-worlds:

After quiet some hassles, unprepared and with much more enthusiasm than even confidence we decided to sail the worlds…

Ok, first there was the small problem of finding a crew….

….but we searched and found: Emma, experienced sailor from Greece/US visiting the Netherlands for 3 month!

Having made Emma honourable Jabbadabbadoo team member we left for our great mission – to the sea and beyond! (though not under hopefully).

Well, the weather forecast was awesome and the wind was predicted very mild: – Exactly what we hoped for being 80kg underweight to start our biggest adventure in the J so far….


worlds group picture

Chapter 2 – training and training races:

Emma with all her experience in sailing was helping us a lot to understand the starting better, but for the rest we were still busy with the boat handling and learning…

As Emma had never be on the bow before, nor have I been ever before trimming the spi and jib. We asked for an adventure and there we were…


The trainings race was superb, in fact it was almost the best race of the complete week and not only because of all the Dutch boats bailing out to see the football game (thankfully the soccer worlds championship was organised for our entertainment at the same time as the worlds for the J22!)

And in addition the weather was almost like in the Caribbean! What a great feeling being out on the North Sea (for the first time ever on the sea with the J for us!!!!!) sailing with 30 degrees and a small breeze…. Woheeee…


Chapter 3 – races:

Starting was still a complicated thing, but even more frustrating was the inability to point as high than other boats. However, our goal was learning, having fun and having one boat behind us. Thank you Papy J 🙂!!!! Even when the first boats of the fleet were sailing away like on wings we still were left with the tail of the fleet, battling for some points!

And battling we were…

against the wind (which was picking up and giving us great experience in constant planing for one race – I am not commenting on my muscles though…)

against the marks (yeah ok, against the other boats trying to be at exactly our spot while rounding the marks…)

against the current: Tjonge Jonge needing 6 tacks to approach the mark when it’s in front of you is teaching you a lesson!

Against ourselves: Keeping motivation, enthusiasm and fun

Against our boat: trying to get it pointing and fast

And we won!

At least most of the battles!!!

We learnt the roundings, the playing with the current (after our first attempt were we were loosing 10 places we managed to gain them again in the next leg of the same race!), the keeping of the smile in the face and in the end even a partial win against our J making it pointing higher and faster…




So we had everything: wind, fog, sunshine and tropical temperatures, being last, seeing a mast breaking on another J, discussions and definitely not as a least learning and fun!

Our nicest present though was the last race where we had 8 boats behind us and finally started again to believe in ourselves!

It was a week of muscle pain, exhaustion, learning and great fun. And I am very glad and happy to experience this together with Stan and Emma 🙂

And now…. To the stars!



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