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Travemünder Woche (30/07/2010 – 01/08/2010)

Donnerstag, August 5th, 2010

Well,we heard a lot of great things about the “Travemünder Woche”: Great sailing, fantastic party, all in all just a must to go….Short of two crewmembers Stan and me first kidnapped Audrey for the bow (knowing how good she is) … Welcome to our Jabbadabbadoo team Audrey !!!
And we tried to convince Falko to join us for the TW. Having sailed with Falko we knew how much he could train us and push us forward…

breakfast on board: Kunsprige Scharfe Segler
Lunch: “Knuspriges Scharfes Segler Brötchen”

Being so nicely complete for a change we went off to our longest trailering and first sailing adventure with the J in international waters (or better non-Dutch waters…) To boldly go where no jabbadabbadoo! went before.

Jabbadabbadoo! on board of the fFerry
Our Jabbadabbadoo on board of the ferry to Priwall

Our Jabbadabbadoo on board of the ferry to PriwallAlready in the harbour Falko started to train us: correcting our rigging and trimming, basically changing the boat inside out and re-learning us some of the basic manoeuvres. And the result could be felt immediately, we were pointing and fast!The wind was blowing, way more than predicted or expected… But hey, that’s what we’ve been there for… (maybe – somehow it feels different when you do have the spi in your hands and a gust is almost flying away with you…) but thanks to Audrey’s amazing skills in the bow and Stan’s calm hand on the rudder we managed 🙂

In the second leg only three boats where stubborn enough to fly the kite
And we paid for this stubbornness…. we broached…. and swam (a complete Stan and half a Nadine)… Schwupps, J down, we in the water, but Falko already at the Spi halyard, rescuing us, the J aaaand our third place in the race!!!!!
So lessons learnt: release the Spi, don’t panic, and enjoy the ride, the J will be up in 20 seconds and you might not even lose a place!

With a third and a ninth place (despite even more wind and struggles at the start) we were completely happy with that day – having already exceeded all our expectations. Time to celebrate with all the other J sailors on board of the beautiful four mast ship “Passat” and later for cocktails and music to the Travemünder Party (all promises proofed true – it is an excellent place to sail AND to party….)

well deserved beer
Yeah – German Beer – nice reward in the harbour

Two more days ahead and we started the second day again with more wind than predicted (but thankfully a bit less than the day before).
As Falko stayed dry the day before he decided to go over board and swimming on the second day (still clinging to the Spi-sheet and then to the rudder….) But our Ironman managed to pull himself up in no time again in the boat and we secured the 5th place!

With a dried-up and fully motivated “ Falcoach” we went on, experiencing a steep learning curve and an almost perfect race finishing second – we couldn’t believe it!!!

So full of new confidence and happily smiling we started the last race of the day. We had a pretty good start, but until the first mark we did not know how well it went. We arrived on a port approach at the mark and Stan was getting nervous, asking which boats to duck, well the answer from Falko was: “trust me, just continue…” We rounded on a port approach, all other boats (fighting) behind us and I think we still couldn’t believe we were first (no one dared even to mention this) and after an incredibly focused race we finished FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!

Secret winning race tactics: “start first, round the mark first, finish first.”

The Jabbadabbadoo! TW 2010 team
You can see on the picture how we felt 🙂


The third racing day brought no wind and we could just enjoy the sail to the racing area (and the tow back) and – of course – celebrate our third place in the ranking….. :)>

It was such a great weekend, a superb party, a fantastic sail and even more important – great company!!!

And we know that we have so much to thank to Falko who coached us perfectly and proofed us that our boat can be fast and point!!! The race results were great but the learning curve thanks to Falko’s training was much
more important to us. Thank you!