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Cooling Down

Donnerstag, Oktober 21st, 2010

 Indeed cooling down. Gone the nice hot days sailing in sandals and shirts…. Hello again thermal underwear, flees and Musto-coats!!!

 And there was wind. There was a LOT of wind… Sailing with Stan on the helm, Audrey on the bow and Berit at the 4th man position we are still learning, adapting and getting used to new positions and crew – so quite a challenge….




Do you know there can be waves at the Braassem? 🙂

Yeah I’m smiling now…


Indeed we did not fly the spinnaker in the first race, we tried before the race and failed to jibe, so better safer than sorry (the water was cold and to be honest we had already too much water everywhere…)

Yet – 16th!!!!! Of 28!!!! It might have been a nightmare, but it was worth it!


Actually the wind even increased and as the committee was measuring gusts of 38 knots the race was paused. So hot tea and some soup in the club-house (I’m not going to write it helps motivation, because it does not – you really don’t want to go out any more). But going out we did and sailed two more races with slightly less wind, but with the spi, with battles and with everything else:


We broached, we didn’t panic and we were happy. J


And we were 14th after the first day… So full of enthusiasm (and other things that also were shouting for a drink) we did go and celebrate



With the Sunday the second part of the cooling down started and thankfully there was less wind (not that my hands would have endured more 25 knots racing anymore).

More sunshine, but unfortunately less good results (we so have to work on lighter wind sailing…). But maybe we need sometimes a reminder to stay humble and not to forget the feeling how it is to become last…. (But I guess we could do without).



 🙂 See you soon for the rest of the winter season!





Muiden – Zuiderzee regatta

Mittwoch, Oktober 20th, 2010

Well. I’m sorry not having written about the Muiden Regatta so far! We had Olivier and Berit on board next to Stan and me and it was a very nice light wind regatta! Slowly but surely we are having a bit of confidence and even with new crew we managed our most important goals – not being last and finding the midfield….

However, letting the regatta alone (sunny, light wind and good company!!) the most remarkable thing about Muiden is the street to and from the harbour in Muiden…

A nightmare is a sheer complement…

Having my skipper in my car driving and cursing on all navigation systems which have led us through the middle of the medieval town of Muiden and then through a mini-narrow street to the harbour (not to speak of the cars on the left and the right parked in suicidal manner…) we had to find out this IS the only way to the harbour ha! Wow, all my respect to Stan who actually managed to get us and our boat through there…

crew muiden

After the races we’ve been lucky (or sneaky) being one of the first boats to crane and so, as a matter of fact blocking all the others behind us (we standing on the only narrow street putting the mast down… autsch, but that’s life…) Sorry….

At least a very nice endpoint to our travelling season with the Jabbadabbadoo! Now again at the Braassem she’s waiting elegantly for the winter-season ….

sleeping Stan


See you soon!

sleeping Stan