Winterseries 2011 – January

After cancelling the last race because of ice, the water in the harbour was finally liquid again, but instead a gale force was blowing on Saturday… However, Saturday is training only, so there was still a chance that the Sunday regatta would take place. And one of the miracles of the Dutch weather took place:  it was gorgeous sailing weather on Sunday. Ok, one could argue with the wind being quite on the high side (gusts predicted till 32 knots) but otherwise a fabulous January day, mild (11 degrees) and sunny.

And anyway we are better when the wind is strong. Then it’s kind of binary, either we screw up or we are not too bad….

With Clive and Ludovic together with Stan I was left the only female on board (not that in the winter sailing outfit this makes any difference :)

We do have some settings for stronger winds (thanks to Travemuende), so it was a bit less guessing and a little bit more confidence during the rigging (not by much though).

And after some adventurous sailing out of the harbour (I’m certainly not allowed to share the details) we were almost alone on the lake fighting with the gusts as we started so early. Having again a new crew composition we discussed a bit about if we should hoist the spi and if maybe without gybing. However, we all know, we will hoist the spi during the race and we will gybe – so we better get on with it…

The start of the first race was not too bad (not too good either) but we had good speed and fun. The manoeuvres worked out fine, despite some close calls at the first mark where we might have been a bit over optimistic with the space available (mental note: we still need more safety margins). But it was a good race and we left some boats behind us, fighting with boots which are usually far ahead of us. Nice!

The second race took us somehow by surprise (completely our fault though as we did not get the starting procedure) and we had to improvise with the countdown. Astonishingly, this was one of our best start ever!

And we did well, we stayed for four rounds close to the head of the field. The adrenaline made us even forget how much everything began to hurt (30 knot gusts are very tiring after a while and hiking out a lot is not improving the general condition of a rusty back…)

And the best was – during our beer, when we were listening to the results (16 boats, 14 finished both races) we were predicting us around the 9th place or so, and with every place being named which was not us more unbelievable smiles were drawn on our faces. 6th. We finished 6th! What a great end result of a wonderful sailing day.



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  1. Marry sagt:

    Hello! How was the regatta? How did Wyo do? Did we beat Winona? Who won 1st place? Who all raced? I am sorry for all the qutseions but I am very exited to know how it all wentt!! I miss camp and I hope this summer is going by amazinglyyyy!!Kiyi,-Isa Hfcbsch

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