Winterseries February races 7 & 8


I just say one word: COLD

So the only thought Ludo, Audrey, Stan and me had when driving to the Braassem was WHY…:) (repeated during the rigging when all our hands felt like falling off.)

 But the training was given by Rick Zandboer and already in the theoretical part it was clear, this was getting a good training for us. Boathandling, starts and basics – especially keeping the boat flat would be on the agenda and fitting perfect for us. So, despite the cold we enjoyed the training, worked on our communication and general boathandling and after a full day of sailing we really had the feeling of having progressed and learned a little bit about speed in lighter winds.


Thinking we are early we started the (again cold) day with an amazing view of all the other boats being even earlier… However, we managed to be one of the first ones on the water with some more manoeuvre training ahead of us before the start of the races.

 The first race started well – we managed to keep up with the first pack of the race for 2-3 legs before falling back in the midfield. We managed to have speed which was compensating the small lack of pointing we usually have. But the real beauty was downwind when our gybe-training was paying off and we could see how to gain places with nice manoeuvres! …Or to loose them when starting tactical games with other boats through luffing along the finishing leg. Ok, maybe our roll-gybe before was a bit over-enthusiastic and the real cause of it … (ending in a broach @12kn and loosing all our nice speed…)

 Also the second race was great, even when we had to do a 360 thanks to the offset mark which was jumping just in our way… 🙂 But the strategy of gybing away immediately after the mark was gaining us places again and so could we end this day with an 11th  and 12th  place out of 21!


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