Winterseries February races 9 & 10

COLDER… Indeed, as we did not train on Saturday the first thing we did was asking in the clubhouse if the race would be started (as temperatures have been around 0 degrees and it was slightly snowing). The answer was not leaving room for interpretation: “Why? There is no ice, is there? Isn’t that what you have bought this boat for….?” 🙂

 Well, so out we went with Berit on the Jib and with some trouble getting out of the harbour with quite some head wind all the way. Lesson learnt, all sails are needed… On the open water it was not really working well either, we blew the manoeuvres and the morale was dropping below the temperature. As the first starting procedure went on with us still far away, we almost went back in, but then decided just to use the day as a training day.

But then the first start was a general recall. Despite the setbacks we set the timer on the tacktick for the second start and went on with the flow (on the unfavoured pin end though).

It was not a sparkling race, but we worked, we left all the bad experience of the previous manoeuvres behind and started fighting to gain places. And despite some less successful manoeuvres we managed to have good beats and reasonable downwind legs and finished 6 of 11! Also the second race was a mixed experience, but working together went better and ending as 7th we were happy to have achieved two reasonable races after all the mishaps and mood drops.

That day we invented a saying which probably could have been an ancient Chinese wisdom: “You gain more by improving on bad days, than by improving on good days.” Sailing is fighting against the elements and yourself, and for sure we ended the day with a proud and happy beer because at least for one of the two we earned it!

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