We now missed unfortunately the last winter race, which means that we have not been able to attend all races of the series. Nevertheless our final ranking of the winterseries is 8th place out of 33 competitors. OK, not many boats participated as much as we did, but I guess our high ranking shows, besides good sailing progress, also our strong commitment to participate and to learn. I wonder if we get our money back for attending all but half a training 😉

Also we missed the Warming Up. But instead of 8 races and good winds to train boat handling it was waiting and drifting in very low winds until 5 races could finally be sailed. So at least w did not miss that much.

Now our boat is fixed. Sailing Service really did a great job. On the outside you can’t see a thing! Also the boat that collided with us handled this unfortunate incident in a very sportive way and their insurance company did not give us any hassle at all! We have already taken out boat on 2 Monday evening races with as many crew as 5 to train for our company regatta the ESA Cup. And a great Easter weekend is waiting for us in Stellendam!

Ende Gut, Alles Gut….

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