How the winterseries ended with a Jabbadabbaboom

 Winter training 12 March 2011…. Or the part of it we participated…

The weekend was a promising nice weekend with light to medium winds and the training from Rick Zandboer started with a theory lesson and the tasks for the day – being:

         Up – Down (tacking / downwind Spinnacker with Gybing)

         Tacking / Gybing at command (whistle)

         Around a small course


Again, it was not our best training, on the other hand that is what training is about – you see where you have the most problems (and it’s part of the fun that you have to deal with them). All in all it was just a very tough training, especially the course as it was set very short: 3x gybing was therefore a major effort and left not much room to even think of anything else.

And having this time Berit at the 4th position who did not have the chance yet to train with us this year, we were working hard getting the processes smooth again in addition to all the demanding set-up.

The last part of the training was about starting, which meant a 3 minute continuous countdown between each start. For us, this is very short, however we tried our best to apply different starting scenarios, willing to try again (and again).

And then all went wrong. We approached the boat-end of the starting line on starboard tack when we saw another boat approaching on port with a fast beam reach. Despite repeated hailing and a last-minute tack we could not avoid being T-boned. Our first concern was to stay afloat and when that was ensured some funny looking keyboard symbols (#@%!*!) were loudly uttered over the lake. The other boat was shocked as well and sailed into the harbour with us to sort out the paperwork.


JabbadabbaBUM 1


JabbadabbaBUM 2

Well, there is not much to say except, we are happy no one is injured.

We even managed to get our Jabbadabadoo back to the crane without getting water in.

It looks bad, it’s bad – but it can and will be repaired. And the other boat immediately came, said sorry, as shocked as we have been. No one wants to have this (on both sides) – but there is worse, so we already had a beer together and maybe we’ll laugh about it in some time 😉

For now – I just want to have our Jabbadabbadoo whole and shiny again and I want to sail!

Now even more: Hup Jabbadabbadoo….


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