Van Uden Reco Regatta 2011

Time for getting the boat cross the country again!

(Good we forgot how much work it is….)

 In beautiful weather we were starting the “outbound” season 2011. 26 degrees, all sunshine allowing trailing a boat with he CC J. Even with the opportunity to train on Friday in our 3 person configuration (Ludo on the bow / Jib, Nadine on the main / spi and Stan on the helm).


(Of course the picture is fake as I’ll enjoy the side drivers seat more when there is our little beast behind)

 The first day started with a bit of nice wind bringing us to the sailing area (round one hour away from the harbor), then dying slowly and leaving us languishing on the water…


Finally an attempt to start (after some postponements) and hey, we had speed, flying by three, four other boats, being second (!!) on the upwind mark. Unfortunately only to learn that the race was cancelled at this very moment…

Stan relaxed

Well, story of our sailing life, this was by far our best race… Two races were conducted after this in which we were quarreling with the boat handling and basic manoeuvres. But a 9th and a 12th place was considered acceptable for a new 3 person configuration and so after some boat-repair we enjoyed big time the fantastic party of the vanUdenReco regatta together with the other Js, Melges, OCR boats and everyone joining. Life music, great Dutch food and nice company made the evening already now a highlight of the season!

 Of course it doesn’t make getting up the next day easier… But being it Easter Sunday and having an even better weather is helping a lot!

 beautiful day

Already at the sail to the starting area it was clear that the wind was less than the day before and we started the day waiting, postponing, seeing the course reset and adjusted, waiting and so on… It went so far that the complete starting field cheered as the race committee again hoisted the postponement flag…

Ludo relaxed

When the race finally started there was still virtually no wind and we where fighting for every bit, knowing this condition is not our strength. Finishing 15th was leaving not much room for cheering, but at least we were getting more comfortable with the boat handling and maneuvering. The next race was getting better, after almost abandoning everything and returning to the harbor exactly what we needed… And finally the wind picked up, we felt “at home” again and started enjoying the regatta, even if the places don’t show so much, the last races have been very good for us, getting us back at a level we thought we were after the winter series!

And then the chaos happened: In the last race, after the last downwind leg, the spi did not come down… There was a huge knot coming out of the boat while the spi still being half up, we of course already close hauled again.

Believe me, hugging the spi is not such a nice thing when you are beating 🙂

Giving Ludo all the responsibility on holding the spi in his arms, Stan trying to sail in this more than difficult condition, I took the task of solving the knot (while the spi being everywhere over me). No chance and at one point I got the call: Cut it. (Ha! As if that is so easy – somehow you need a knife for that…) I’ll not picture to you the scenario with a half up spi hugged by Ludo, a desperate Stan and a Nadine trying to dive down for a knife…

We found it, cut and went to the finish and even it being strange – but being able to function and solving this gave us the best moments of the regatta!

And of course now we can say we’ve solved the Gordian Knot.

We even won the crane race… (again, still, we forgot how much work there is…- and I hope I’ll forget it again before we start to Medemblik 😉

 Nadine relaxed

 So a great weekend with mixed feelings and results (9,12, 15,11,9,11 and 11 of 16 in the end), but with a lot of enthusiasm to improve…



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