Spring Cup 2011

I like waves, in a very romantic Caribbean beach type of way. Unfortunately these have very few things in common with the IJsselmeer waves… But from the beginning:  the forecast looked fine, wind on the high side, but feasible. Unfortunately this was the forecast for the marina, not so much for the racing area 1 hour outside the marina.

In retrospect I say it was fun. We had everything, wind, more wind, waves, flying spinnakers, a bit of broaching, surfing with speed we never had before and a little bit of panic 🙂

The first day started great for us, we had upwind speed as we never had before (I like the new fast tensioners on our shrouds!) and the first race was just great. After a very conservative start we overtook one boat after the other and could keep that during the downwind legs. So despite some rather panicky maneuvers we ended up 6 of the 19 boats started.


Ok, wind picked up and with it was a bit more panic and fear, as a result almost all boats struggled in the next race, as did we. We didn’t dared to gybe but we surfed like never before (what a feeling!). The no gybe approach left us last in the race as well as in the 3rd race (however many boats retired, had damages or people taking a swim….) so we ended up 14th and 11th. But the point is we managed, we struggled but managed!

Therefore we went in the evening completely exhausted, but satisfied to the nice J22 borrel into he beautiful town of Medemblik. It’s good to hear that everyone has the same problems (almost). And it certainly was on the limit for most of the boats, a lot had damages and quiet some had man and even men over board (which is very tough one hour away to the next harbour).

But surviving in such a weather is boosting confidence. With this we felt well in control on Sunday with a little bit less wind and even flew the spi on the beam reach! (ok, we broached a little bit and in one race this try costed us 2 places) but we tried and in general were lucky. Consistently 9th was the deserved result in all 3 races and in the end a 8th place and a lot of memories of waves, wind and struggling…

I think we have hardly ever been so exhausted after a racing weekend…. But in the end it was great, and a wonderful feeling that we managed!

Exhausted Sailors


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