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Preparations for the Round The Isle Race…

Donnerstag, Juni 23rd, 2011


I’m not sure if it is only totally crazy, or absolute madness (actually I’m sure it is exactly both….)

Tonight we (Stan and me with the car, Audrey and Ludo with the plane) will start our tour to Cowes to participate in the largest yacht race of the world (as one of the smallest boat….) , we will take the Jabbadabbadoo on two ferries and around London before we will arrive in Cowes, crane and set the mast (including navigation lights) and start on Saturday 6:20 am UK time…

But we are prepared…: We bought 6 flares (orange smoke and red hand flares), a rescue line, proper life vests (including borrowed harness and tethers), we drilled 8 holes in our boat to fit a motor, got some crinkles in our mainsail so that we can reef it, charged our VHF set to the emergency channel, got a depth sounder, navi lights, a radar reflector and 2 handheld gps and set up all our mobiles so that you all can track us on the internet :)))



Ok, what I didn’t tell is that we somewhat don’t have guard rails or actually anything to clip our harness onto, the wind will be close to stormy and as tide is against wind we’ll get waves roughly as big as myself…. Jabbadabbadoo!!!

So let’s jump into it and enjoy the biggest regatta with over 1900 other boats ;0



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Dienstag, Juni 21st, 2011

I still think we are absolutely crazy doing this, but we will go (by two ferries) with our Jabbadabbadoo to the UK to participate Saturday (25/06/2011) in the Round the Isle Race!!!! 

Follow our progress live in the internet!!!! 

(you might need to install silverplayer) than go to the right and add tracked boat – just type in Jabbadabbadoo and you should find us!If you can`t type we are in the sport boats IRC class as a registered boat…

I`ll update you with the latest progress of our preparations (and later of course with the results…)


ESA CUP 2011

Dienstag, Juni 21st, 2011

For once all six of us where going on an sailing adventure without our Jabbadabbadoo. To Marseille with the mission to race against 9 other Grand Surprises and against all our collegues we went…The boats were located in the pitoresque bay in Frioul and already on our trainings day we could feel the strength of the sea and the power of the waves…For some impressions on this grandious weekend in France have first a look at the  pictures and a movie:!/media/set/?set=a.232223770126483.77964.219982644683929