Zierikzee – Deltaweek

Still tired, but also still with bright eyes from the Race around the Isle of Wright we
went directly the next weekend on tour again. A relatively short trip would bring the
Jabbadabbadoo team consisting for the Deltaweek of Audrey, Berit, Stan and Nadine to
Zierikzee for a race in salt and tidal water on the Dutch Oosterschelde.


Luckily our boat was still transport ready, so the preparations were limited to a minimum
and despite the start of the summer holidays there was no problem on the roads. A short
queue on the crane with nice company of the other Js and beautiful weather were awaiting
us and made the mast righting and the rigging as easy as it can get.

Refreshed after a nice night of sleep (we only later found out that we must have missed a
great party at the sailors tent) and delicious mussels on the evening before we had to find
out that the start was one hour earlier than originally announced… Unfortunately this was a
bit the headline for the complete day: too late or still dreaming…

We were the last boat out, missed all tows out of the long harbour channel and had to
spinnaker to the start of the first race. Consequently our start was suboptimal and the
trimming was difficult (having the Island race in the head where trimming was a different
kind of cake did not help) But we fought our way through the light waves and the app. 16
knots of wind to a good fifth place out of the nine Js.

Coming back we almost missed the second start as we were not paying attention and there was no break. However, this turned out to be a happy incident as our last minute port start turned out to put us in a very good position behind Mr. Henry and Batavia, which both had good boat speed that day. And we could keep the 3rd place through both rounds around the cans even if we had to attempt to fetch the upwind mark against the tide and inside of Mr. Henry (it wasn’t the worst fetch we did that day…)

For the 3rd race the wind was decreasing a little and it was more getting a fight to keep up with the others. So we were happy to have won a downwind duel with HistosJr on the finish line, only to learn that the outcome was different than we thought and we only got the 5th place.

The last race was clearly one too many for us, we missed the start and didn’t manage to catch afterwards, so the 7th place was justified, but not the desired end for a nice day on the water…

A good dinner, some beers with our German J22 competitors who did very well and most
of the time finished in front of us and afterwards some biiig desserts with whiskey-ice-
cream and whiskey helped us through the evening….


The next morning was even more beautiful with steady and a bit lighter wind. In the first two races we started well and found good speed, especially upwind, also thanks to a complete switch in the trimming philosophy from the day before. We could see the front of the fleet, playing with Mr. Henry and the Krownjuwel and could finish both races third!

Also the third race was great, the only problem was, that we were convinced we had to sail three rounds, so was Circoloco just behind us. Even when we saw the German boat going for the finish we kept going, only to find out that we were in the wrong. It’s hard to be in such a good place and to loose it due to a common but still wrong decision… But Stan managed to  turn the mood and to motivate us again by emphasising the consistent results and managed that we felt as the moral third 😉

So nicely motivated we gave again everything in the last race, enjoyed the fabulous weather, fighted up and downwind and ended up with another third place, totally happy with our sailing day and the progress we could feel and see in the results.


The end result was a great 4th place, behind Mr. Henry, Kronjuwel and Batavia and a
wonderful weekend in Zeeland together with happy (but deep) tiredness of having worked
really hard and some added muscle aches and skin donations to the Round the Isle
It is a lot, it can be frustrating, tiring and it is for sure hard hard work, but getting with the
boat and the team out like this, is also absolutely rewarding and great great fun!


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