ONK Medemblik 2011

Dutch open 2011The last regatta of the summer season and the last time to take our Jabbadabbadoo on the road! Medemblik where wind and waves are almost guaranteed.

The starting list reads like the who is who in J22 sailing increasing our wish to be amongst them…. We prepared, ok we had to, sailing with Audrey, Ludo, Stan and Nadine we have been 8kg overweight 4 weeks before the regatta and a month of dieting should end after the weighting on the regatta morning (followed by a huge breakfast 😉 and we managed! 4 kg under was the verdict in the end and 4 happy Jabbadabbadooers around the breakfast table.

The wind proofed to be excellent, nice strong and with some shifts, but for a change nothing we could not handle. And the season showed, we managed to keep up with the midfield and sometimes even got in touch with the first group.
The first race was a good start into the regatta with a 13 place (around where we wanted to be in this field) despite a medium well start. In the second race we were racing from a great start and managed ending 9th, showing good beating speed as well as nice positioning in the runs. However, as it is with highs, lows are often following immediately – the next start was totally screwed and we did not manage to catch up after any more.With a mixed, but overall very satisfying second day (no major hiccups, 12, 15, 11) we found our consistency on the third day with 11 and 11.
So the 12th place in this field in the end felt more like celebrating than most of our other results.

Find a video of the complete event and see the hoist of our red monster at 3:28 🙂

What a good end of our second season!!!!


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