Winter series Part 1 – October 2011

Back at the Braassemermeer after a great summer season with mostly too much or too little wind, but always a lot of fun.

So it’s almost home for our Jabbadabbadoo and in good old winter season tradition (lasting back at least one full other winter season) we went back with fresh energy, layer over layer of cloths and Glühwein.

And with a new Jabbadabbadoo team member (honorary) Bojan! Super experienced with comfortable cruisers was he willing to exchange all luxury for the bruising bum experience on a J22. In addition he came equipped with a huge amount of humour J entertaining Audrey, Stan and me.



Two races per winter series is a nice concept. So nice that we indeed directly missed our start while trying to figure out why our rig is looking so different… Well, 5 and 4 minutes already missed the one minute signal was lost in the spontaneous (and well needed) talk to come back to the starting line. Eyes shut and start… Certainly not our best start, but hey, we said nice, not easy.

But despite the desperate approach to the starting line we developed excellent upwind boat speed and could crawl on our opponents one by one already at the first upwind leg (as the wind decided to be southerly the leg was due to a lack of Braassem in that direction rather short). In the euphoria of the moment we misjudged the lay line twice and ended up training tacks and seeing with a crying eye our opponents flying by… But with 3.5 legs to spare and the secret weapon of Bojan on board we kept on fighting. Again boat by boat ending absolutely happy on a sixth place.

Sworn not to repeat the mistakes of the first race we started our lunch break, just to realise in the middle of it that our flag was up together with the Blue Peter on the starting boat. Can’t be, not again! Some days just come including the worm in them. Well, this time we got the one minute signal, but running out of time the tactic was again clear: start and catch up. At least no room for discussion.

The wind was gusty, shifty and was in addition changing the constant strength – so we needed to work the wind and concentrate on the manoeuvres (more important even than usually due to the short legs). Again one by one we tried to tackle the other boats, winning some of the fights,  loosing others,  managing to position us again on the sixth place when we crossed the finishing line.

Not completely satisfied with our performance, but happy with our boat control during the day we finished with some more or less deserved Glühwein relaxing in the stunning Dutch autumn sun…

 Dutch autumn


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