December Sailing

First things first: Happy New Year:

Who would have thought that December would be a beautiful sailing month for the Jabbadabbadoo sailing team? After the winter race in November was already cancelled (due to fog and no wind?)


As a replacement to the postponed wintercup, we started with a anniversary sail on December the 10th with the first ever try to sail our Jabbadabbadoo with just Stan and me. At medium to light winds we were flying the red beast through the warming glorious sunlight…

Maybe we had even enough to do with just the two of us, so that we completely forgot to have discussions about how to perform all the manoeuvring … It was like a pure luxury sailing stroll with a lot of spinnaker and certainly not enough hands, but even more fun.


The next day our plan was sailing to the Kaag and participating in the Kaag winter races. So besides regular Ludo, we took Rok on the foredeck, a Jabbadabbadoo Newbie, but “old”  sailor from our home club. The boat was still in the water and the motor was quickly  attached – everything ready for the excursion.


Well, we never made it to the Kaag….

The first minor problem was the engine, which wasn’t as reliable this time as it proved to be during the round the island race, but full of our usual Cowboy manner we voted for sailing through the canals and still continue to the Kaag without motor power. Not a problem at all, just a beautiful sail middle through the houses until, yes until the bridge….

We tried to vote the bridge away as well, but this was not very successful. However, it stayed a beautiful day and so it just turned out to be a small adventure through the canal and a lot of training on the Braassem afterwards. Sorry Rok for making you work so hard on your first day.


The next weekend we participated to the winterseries. Sunday promised to be more windy with tendencies towards the nasty side. Big clouds and showers were locally and very temporarily increasing the winds and gusts to major levels, just to smoothen them down again shortly after. With one of our usual suspects crew (Berit, Stan, Audrey and me) nothing to be scared of, even if the enjoyment was suffering a little bit.

But the joy came back in spades after the start of the race featuring a fourth place at the first buoy with certainly room to improve! We enjoyed a lot having enough upwind speed to come closer and closer to the first three…

Unfortunately on that day the weather really wasn’t with us sailors and the arriving dark front with lightning caused the cancellation of the race and after some hours, Gluehwein and Chocomel sessions in the harbour later even the complete end of the racing day.



At least we have been sailing and enjoying it whole-heartedly! With that memory it was almost obligatory to go out again as final end of the year sail after all Christmas feasting on the 30th of December. A bit colder now and with some wind, but still gorgeous sailing conditions for Audrey, Stan and me. Just a bit of enjoying sailing, training and– trying to help the only other boat on the lake which was upside down with the crew on land and mast in mud… Not being able to help physically, we at least could try to reach out for help by phoning the harbour master.

After that and of course a looot of manoeuvres and mark roundings later the day ended also for us – tired but happy.

Being happy summarises what we are with the sailing in 2011 and indeed, we are already more than eager to start 2012 which is packed with sailing highlights (and challenges!)

Happy New Year from all the Jabbadabbadoo team!!! See you on the water!!!



December sailing:



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