Midwinter cup 2011/2012

The midwinter cup is always special for us – mainly because it is our „anniversary“ in sailing the J… With this little bit of extra happy feeling we started the midwinter cup, this time in the format of 4 races on the Saturday and 2 (together with the winter series of the other classes) on Sunday. Weather wise you certainly would not believe that we were facing January, having beautiful sunshine and around 10 degrees.
The only thing missing was the wind… But maybe we are in the meantime good enough to handle this minor problem while sailing 😉

But from the first training minute it was clear that it would be a major challenge, as the spinnaker was hardly staying full and gybing was a torture (for the white beast as well as for me trying to keep it flying). Also Ludo and Audrey had a tough job – doing almost acrobatics to keep the boat flat or heeled depending on the need.

It took a while till the wind was steady enough to start the series, but then it went fast (we were the only class). The first start was ok, but soon enough we could see that our upwind speed was not matching some other boats including the somewhat frustrating experience being overtaken on leeward…
However, this was the leading boat and soon we managed with enough trial and error and enthusiastic trim and helming to keep up with the front group. Stan positioned us excellently on the downwind legs and we could end the race after 2 rounds 6th!
The next start turned unfortunately into a disaster as the starter was just 2 seconds later than us and we had to turn a honor round around the starting buoys… Starting last we could show that we are fighters claiming one place after the other till the 8th place (for one of the first times all of us where wishing for longer races). But we did have very interesting battles, especially downwind and close to the finishing line, where we lost a place for not sailing aggressive enough (and not pushing the boat next to us out of the finish with a starboard port situation – understanding is the beginning however and the next time we will not make it that easy to gain a place with us…;)


The last two races were a 6 and a 5 in lighter and lighter wind conditions. But the main highlight was the improvement of our gybes, or at least of one which was thanks to the complete team effort („moving as one“) almost a perfect gybe in light conditions and also the drops turned out to be mostly problematic in the way that they were too good (too fast and therefore finished too far in front of the buoy)
Ok, there is still a lot of room for improvement, but it feels good to start knowing what we are actually doing (or supposed to do anyway)…


None of us believed that we would sail on the Sunday – the wind dropped even more, showing almost no sign of movement. But the race committee did once more a great job and just found the slot when to race!

The first race felt great – despite the wind conditions, it felt even better than the 5th result it was for us: the start was almost a dream start in the first line only loosing during the race to the top boats. There is this quantum still missing in our performance to keep such a place…
The last race was with a 8th place mirroring the bad start we had, but not even that felt too bad.
In the end we became 8th, but point equal with the 6th (which felt more like we were ranking our own performance).

Greetings from Audrey, Stan, Ludo and me and cheers to more winter sailing coming soon!

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