Last Winter Series Races 2011/2012

Finally no ice & fog and certainly enough wind (bft 4-5)! Nothing in the way to have two more races to the 2011/2012 Winterseries… So Ludo, Stan and me went to show our Jabbadabbadoo on the Braassem…

With 60kg underweight, only the three of us and quiet some wind in the sails this was prune to be difficult, but hey, if it would be easy it wouldn’t be called sailing.

So we struggled during the spi drop, hiked like crazy, got bruised and tired, fished our red beast out of the water, struggled some more, but in the end we did well, completing the series with 2x 5th place. Even if it is sometimes tense, the feeling in the end having accomplished that and improved, our skills and us, is not pricable.

Our complete series:

7 NED 1360 Stan Heltzel Jabbadabbadoo:   6 6 5 (9) 5 5

7th overall of 21 boats and 1 of 2 boats that sailed all races.

Winter is over, time for spring!

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