Warming Up 2012

xSpring in the Netherlands: 16 degrees and sunshine… With this it’s just a minor detail that the wind was rather on the low side.


In one word very nice conditions to introduce our new team member Rok to the fine art of J22 racing. And good conditions to be around 80kg underweight (having “only Rok, Stan and me).
And of course nothing is as easy as it sounds, so we started the Saturday with training: tacking, weight balancing, hoisting our white spinnaker and trying to drop it again (mostly trying…).
So much did we focus on our training that we almost missed our start and had to race with the spi up to the starting area for the first race.
Anyway, despite the struggling in keeping the spi up and flying (I don’t even mention the drop) and keeping the boat flat we did improve, even only slowly on Saturday with a rather mixed series of 15 8 7 12 of 16 participants, showing that there is room for improvement on the 3 person handling and light wind sailing side.


Sunday was the wind a bit stronger to start with (2 bft…) but with still as nice sunshine as we could wish for. The fleet now 17 boats strong (including again six boats from Germany) were all in the best mood. And despite “only” a 14th place in the first race we saw that a good night sleep helped to get the new procedures in our routine. Also Rok was getting fabulously good on the bow – we only were so far behind because a major knot in our spi made anything else impossible. So, by the second race despite a start from the 5th row (and almost a protest) we managed to cross through half of the fleet ending up 6!

Just at this moment Stan mentioned he would like to have one really good race (without hick-ups). Usually this means disaster at the next race, but this time it worked like a charm and we ended up 4th having a wonderful finishing fight where we were engaging in positioning games never known to us before.

Already super happy with the day the only left objective was to once have a good start in addition to nice sailing – and so we tried. We rounded the first buoy first and only left in the end a place to Wouter and his team (overall winner of the series), but we were celebrating with a loud Jabbadabbadoo this amazing second place!
And you can imagine who went dancing on the jetty…. 🙂


Our congratulations also to the second ESTEC boat with Jean-Michel, Giuseppe and Denis, managing an overall second place in this warming up! Wohooo!

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