Travemünder Woche 2012

TW remains one of our favorite sailing and racing spots, always challenging, always fun (and with always interesting weather).

This year it has been a last minute decision, born because we couldn’t attend the worlds and we were eager to race and we wanted to present our lady for the first real time in her new Dino outfit….

A last minute decision makes it hard to find a place to stay as well as to gather crew. But with both we have been very lucky – finding just the last bedroom for three in Travemünde and gaining Jean-Michel Lautier as third / first person.

With beautiful sunshine and admittingly not much wind we started the first day with the weighting procedure (being 56kg underweight is was not too much of a problem…)

But the wind was a problem, so we were grounded to the harbor in the morning (enjoying mocktails and the sun…)

Finally the weather had mercy with us and we went out –  the wind even becoming stronger each minute promising nice races (but still gave time enough for cleaning actions)…


The first race went well, a difficult start, but enough speed showing us we had the settings correctly. The fleet -mainly German- was good, stayed close to each other and making the mark rounding exciting and loud.

In the Second race Jean-Michel took over the helm and Stan jumped to the bowmen position. Despite this set-up being new to us, we managed a great start and were first after the first downwind buoy. Full of spirits we were able to stay in front and won our first race! Unfortunately, we apparently were OCS… A slap in our good mood, but not a reason to be sad for too long at all with enough races in front of us….

The next race was a show of our mixed feelings, starting third row, then catching up with any other boat one by one rounding the second mark first just to fall back again due to taking the wrong side falling to place 8…

With a good feeling we were already in evening and celebration mood (after having given everything in the last race, playing the spi with every wave) we saw the flag for a fourth race catching us in surprise and exhaustion…. It is hard to mobilize all your strength again, but there was not much of a chance, we plainly had to.

So a great day ended with a 6th place. We were playing with the waves, plaining, laughing and eating up all the scharfe Segler and other sandwiches we could get hold on (still leaving enough space for a t least pink haring, Apfelstrudel, sausages and mushrooms in the evening…)

Our hopes were high and our goal was first third so we worked hard to get there, even if the second day was not our day at all. With not enough speed and not enough pointing we fought to get a 8 and a 9 place, which out of the 15 stating boats was not enough.

However, we learned: we learned to work as a team as well as new maneuvers and to perform them faster. Calling jibes during the hoist, not perfect execution yet, but improving and giving us the feeling to progress – worth almost as much as winning 😉

The third day was predicting thunderstorm and heavy rain, so we were eager to get out and do our best before conditions were getting too bad for fair races. Settings for heavy wind and new tactics (we needed to gain two places to reach our goal of becoming fifth – two points difference were separating from us) we started the race. It was a hard fight playing with every wave and working as a team as we have hardly worked before we managed to gain all the points we needed in that race int I’ve before the cancellation of the next races and return to the crane! Jabbadabbadoo…



See us next year Travemünde!

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