Cooling Down 2012

The cooling down was meant as a new experience with me helming for the first time
(shared with Thomas Gutenstein from the famous Jay2Play). With Stan in Vietnam for
holidays Audrey was complemented the otherwise German crew.

The weather was to say it politely – on the ugly side… Cold, rain and wind, but that is
sailing as well, not of much use to complain 🙂
Of course there were no miracles to be expected, 50 kg short on the rail, a new crew
and me on the helm (by far the most limiting factor I admit). But even that – after a short
discussion it was decided that I would stay on the helm and we would just go for it.
The result was adequate, not last, but also not far away from the it and around this result
all our four races were pendling on this day, but nevertheless I learned a lot and hopefully
so did the rest. And of course we had Glühwein to keep the spirit up…

A bit frozen, yet not in a bad mood (as the results did not show us last) we went with
another German team for fine pizza in Leiden to cheer to sailing and our Js!

The next morning however was more difficult – Thomas felt a bit sick and because of
upcoming holidays and the conditions, he did not want to sail – heavy hearted Audrey and
me were releasing him home. We still tried to get out with the two of us, but with the wind
picking up this try was quickly abandoned again… So we just stayed craning and looking
forward to the next events.



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