The ESA cup is the sailing event of all ESA causes and effects essay topics sailing clubs. It is were we me meet and
compete, establishment against establishment and colleagues against colleagues. Ok, it’s
mainly to have a nice sailing holiday, a lot of fun and a bit of competition 😉

Compared with all the J racing it is certainlyi need help writing my essay not a very high level racing, but it still is the
event of all ESA sailors and therefore also one of the most important events for us. In
addition it is a great opportunity to meet all our colleagues and friends through ESAs
sailing world. In short, we even skipped the Northsea regatta in favour of the ESA cup



ESAcup 2011

The Jabbadabbadoo team goes ESA cup! After the surprising first result last year we felt the pressure (and had fun with it). Preparations where manifold, from trying to understand the French boat rental papers to finding a substitute for Ludo, to training sessions on the J, to rule sessions (ok one) to gezellige lunches with plans and ideas.

Unfortunately all teams were distributed in Marseille, so we were „alone“ in ours close to the harbour, which turned out to be rather cosy….  But already on the ferry to Frioul we met some other teams, which even had even arrived earlier to get the opportunity to train -the ESA cup is getting more serious every year….

As it was the same boat rental company and the same boats checking in was fast and without any problems, but the wind caused some concern. It was building, so were the wave. Outside the protected harbour we were glad to be in a bigger boat than the J as the wind reached roughly 25 knots and the sea was getting white riders all over. But of course not at all a reason not to hoist the spinnaker!  (ok, but a reason not to gybe…)

Also on the first race day was the wind on the high side and no spinnaker was allowed…Knowing that exactly in the spinnaker and general maneuvers our strength are hidden we had to swallow a bit but accepted the decision.The four races went fast, but races around the can without the Spi are almost always decided at the start and maybe at the buoy rounding. But we did what we could ending up 2nd and 3rd and had fun playing tough at the buoys and the starting line.

The second day was dedicated to the long distance races, meaning two races to a bay and two back. The general problem with those races is that the finish is not fixed, but set during the race somewhat in front of the first boat. This makes any strategy  very difficult and the downwind start didn’t help

 But we had fun fighting with Jean-Michel`s boat around the isle pushing, luffing and trying to wind-shadow…. Unfortunately we were losing through this one to one fight four other places, which had to be caught back in hard hard spinnaker work by the ladies 😉  but all in all has this been one of the best moments of the ESA cup 2011 🙂

 Despite it being a colleagues competition there also can be strange, even dangerous moments as we have seen later that day sailing around rocks having a boat coming and cutting us off. Our demands for water (due to a big rock) where not accepted and as a third boat managed to get an inside overlap (as we were already slowing down) the situation was getting almost dangerous – at least for the 3rd boat boat being 3 meters from the rock. But a nice round of Guiness with ice cream lifted our mood considerably and we got ready again for racing one last day.

The standing at the beginning of the last day was clear, second, it was not possible for us to gain anything nor lose anything, but we were there to race! The weather was calm and the fog over the distant isle was giving a prickling atmosphere. One more race. We wanted to give everything and it was finally a „real“ race, a defined upwind start and finish around a buoy with the spinnaker! No excuses – we wanted this and we got it! We won this one, for us and our pride ;).

So we became happyly second (our congratulations to Jean-Michel and his team who sailed extremely well!) and enjoyed the last lunch together, the price giving and the remaining hours wandering around Frioul before we had to head again for the main land and with it for the flight and home….

But one of the best episodes happened on the way back, when Stan suddenly realised that our trophy was not with us any more… He feverishly went back to our ice cafe and to the ferry, but we were already sure it was lost… But he got it back, he really got it back! It has been on the ferry and someone brought it out…. If this is not called luck!

So we became second, justified and happy about it, but we will come back and we will fight again 😉

The Jabbadabbadoo ESA cup team:

Andreas (helm)

Berit (jib & main)

Julio (jib & spi guy)

Stan (pit & trim)

Audrey (bow & spi guy)

Nadine (main & spi sheet)


See you next year!



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