They also organize special activities designed for kids in the museum arrange Wednesdays.

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An amazing amount of fish be able to be seen, even very accurate to the beach. They be able to of course also search designed for crabs along the rocks about the creek. There is additionally a small playground for children here.

Events are often organized here all through the year and it has a weekly market and cooking trucks on Sundays. You be able to go all the way ahead on the towers by attractive the stairs, and enjoy the beautiful view over the capital and the mountains. If you walk down from the Amble de la Treille, it bidding take you to the Parc des Bastions. We also bring into being a whole box of medicines, and finally, a lost Iphone that we brought back en route for the beach bar hoping it would then be reunited along with its owner. They can of course also search for crabs along the rocks around the creek. The children seemed a bit more aware of the trash problem and I assume that in summer, when we spend even more time arrange the beach, they will administer after their empty cookie casing in case the wind picks it up. Observe the call, because later on, you be able to also go all the altogether the way down, under the cathedral, and visit the exciting archeological site of years after that years of churches, and Roman ruins which were once built on the same spot anywhere the cathedral stands today. After that the most beautiful area designed for us is the Roman assortment floor which is still actual well preserved. Would you akin to to see some of the beaches as seen from above?

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