Action Burning Mouth Medications can be prescribed to alleviate underlying causes of burning mouth syndrome.

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Candidiasis Thrush is treated with an antifungal medication which your dentist can recommend to you. Reoccurrence can occur when an being has a fever, menstruation, exhaustion, stress or exposure to the sun. You may find an antiviral cream useful to border the development of recurrent sores. The bacterial infection causes ache, bad breath and inflammation. After that, antibiotics are given to abolish the bacteria. Once the aggravation is removed, which may aim smoothing a rough tooth apparent, repairing a dental appliance before quitting tobacco use, the patches may disappear. Burning Mouth The cause is not clearly understood. Cold sores Cold sores act as clusters of red, raised blisters outside the mouth—typically about the lips — although they can develop under the beak or under the chin. Dagger Abscess A tooth abscess occurs when bacteria invade the dental pulp the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth.

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Ulcers may occur as one abscess or several. If the bug spreads, one may experience agitation, chills and malaise. Symptoms include: There is no cure designed for the herpes virus. Your dentist may recommend a biopsy but the patch appears suspicious.

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