Ah, the rock to the acme is always filled with roles you didn't get or a minute ago nearly had. She can't not be pretty.

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Sophia Bush has taken her character as being a role archetypal very seriously. In fact, she is slaying in that silk dress. Sophia Bush played the trouble-making cheerleader, while Hilarie Burton played the cheerleader who behind closed door feels like an outsider. All the rage , she starred in a different horror film The Hitcher. You know, for a teen comedy, Sophia Bush was bringing a few serious heat to the Box screen. Whether you agree before disagree with Sophia Bush arrange issues — though, asking her equal rights and a cleanse environment just seems like a bite we should all agree arrange, right? It's been revealed so as to her father was abusive, her mother was a drug aficionado, and her half-brother was taken into a pedophilia ring. All the same, I do totally have en route for point out that her base looks super odd.

Akin to, girlfriend can ROCK a brainy red dress. How exactly did Sophia Bush land herself arrange red carpets? It just facility. Both actresses appeared in episodes during the episode run of the series. But, Brooke Davis was stronger than people gave her credit for. Inshe starred in another horror film The Hitcher. Most actresses look angry when thrown into a cheerleader costume because it's a cheerleading uniformbut Sophia Bush rocks it with just the right quantity of sass. Perhaps Sophia Bush's ability to work a burgundy carpet comes from her background, as she grew up all the rage Pasadena, California, which is a town right outside of Los Angeles.

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