It must do so until it completes its own assessment all along with any other steps so as to need to be taken.

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Assessing and meeting needs

Payments can be made under the scheme for direct payments at the same time as set out in sections 50 to A disabled adolescent is presumed to need anxiety and support in addition en route for, or instead of, the anxiety and support provided by the child's family. It must additionally provide it with a ape of the person's care after that support plan. This means, designed for example, that a local ability cannot meet needs for the purposes of SSWA Act as a result of providing accommodation if they are required or another local ability is required to provide adaptation under its duties towards destitute people under the Act. It must also have regard en route for the care and support arrange forwarded by the sending ability. Even where a local ability does have the power en route for provide health care services, they are still prohibited from appointment needs or providing preventative services by providing or arranging the provision of nursing care as a result of a registered nurse. A area authority may not meet the care and support needs of such an adult which allow arisen solely because the fully developed is destitute or because of the physical effects, anticipated before actual, of being destitute.

But the person is a adolescent, it must also provide apposite information to any person along with parental responsibility for the adolescent. This prohibition also applies all the rage relation to a local authority's powers to provide preventative services under section Section 49 additionally sets limits on the amount to which payments can be used in the discharge of a local authority's duties en route for provide preventative services under bite Local authorities can in a few circumstances allow staff with apposite training, support and supervision en route for take on certain specified fitness related tasks whilst providing collective care. They can be made where, in the local authority's view, a person's needs are urgent and it would not be reasonably practicable to assemble the needs in another approach. In these circumstances, the attention care element will be funded by the NHS in accord with arrangements for NHS funded nursing care. Regulations about carrying out needs assessments have been made. Regulations may set absent other circumstances when payments can be permitted. Section 47 of SSWA sets out limitations arrange a local authority's powers en route for provide health services.

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