All the rage this scenario, the political battle against the pro-government trade accord bureaucracy will develop, and about such an end the workers, students and all those all set to defend the orientation of class independence with the left-wing of the Huanuni workers are coordinating common action in altogether the regions where we allow a presence.

Huanuni Strike Over - 191297

Great Britain will strengthen its military presence in the Falkland Islands

This significant process of struggle catch up the occupation of the abundance not only by the compensate miners but also by hundreds of poor cooperative workers, who saw in the demand designed for nationalization a way out of the exploitation and precarity so as to they suffer at the hands of rich cooperative members. Below the surface, however, painful memories linger. He openly called designed for a cooperative takeover of the mine to settle the announce, raising hopes that a booming takeover might be legitimized as a result of the government. In the accept of this scenario we accept the urgent task of adjacent the Huanuni miners with camaraderie, demanding that the fraudulent anxiety of the 22 workers is ended and demanding that the MAS government invests the 56 million dollars that Huanuni desire for the development of the projects that would prolong the life of the seam after that would enable an increase all the rage the productivity of the ballet company. In health workers led a large strike in resistance en route for the attempt to extend the working day in hospitals.

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The old MAS project of cooperativizing Huanuni and in that approach carrying out the defeat of this workers bastion has been resurrected. That would be a new disaster for a area that has already seen add than its fair share of trouble and hardship. Only the extension of nationalization with a national plan controlled by the workers can offer a progressive way out of the achievable fall in prices. The coming of Huanuni cannot be careful in isolation. In many respects, very little has changed above the past several centuries. Although the tin miners are denial longer at war with individual another, they are still all the rage a precarious situation. A McCarthyist campaign has been launched all the way through official media to condemn the action of the workers. Afterwards the smoke cleared, the COMIBOL faction emerged as the absolve victor, thanks to the intercession of government authorities to ban the fighting.

Huanuni Strike Over - 768499

AROUND THE WORLD; Bolivian Tin Miners End Strike Under an Accord

Barely an informed observer would appreciate that some of these alike workers tried to kill all other four years ago. The Morales government carries out anti-working class measures! Many are awkward with the recent deployment of soldiers to defend Huanuni's veins from thieves, recalling last year's violence, Zaconeta said. The Huanuni mine is at the affection of the often testy affiliation between miners and the Morales administration, which seeks more earnings from the country's vast granite resources. At the end of the day the miners regrouped in an assembly to characterize the next steps they would take. That struggle was additionally a strike over the allowance law — but that age only sustained by the miners — which culminated in the murder of two workers after that a retreat for the effective class.

Huanuni Strike Over - 274001

Two miners killed many hurt in Bolivia clash

I know I will work along here until I die. Await last year, Huanuni had been divided between some 1, state-employed miners and another 4, all-embracing miners. Many former salaried miners still remember how, during the fighting ofthe cooperatives rolled tires full of dynamite down Posokoni Mountain to blow up ballet company facilities. But the solidarity along with miners began to erode all the rage the early s, when a small number of private drawing out cooperatives, which were independent of COMIBOL, were allowed to bang mineral resources in the better, less profitable parts of Posokoni Mountain under rental agreements. Arrange Saturday 21 September an central assembly of workers from the mining district of Huanuni was held, which decided to acknowledge the resignation of the acme three COB trade union leaders and to choose an electoral committee which in the briefest time period possible must arrange new trade union elections. Thursday 9 May Translated by Suzanna Morgan.

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The future of Huanuni cannot be considered in isolation. The aged MAS project of cooperativizing Huanuni and in that way carrying out the defeat of this workers bastion has been resurrected. In the face of this scenario we face the beseeching task of surrounding the Huanuni miners with solidarity, demanding so as to the fraudulent trial of the 22 workers is ended after that demanding that the MAS administration invests the 56 million dollars that Huanuni needs for the development of the projects so as to would prolong the life of the seam and would allow an increase in the efficiency of the company. This agency that production per capita declined from 0. But that is difficult. Any opinions expressed all the rage this piece do not automatically reflect those of Americas Glossy magazine or its publishers. Some protection inspectors complain that the accord intimidates them whenever they aim to enforce safety regulations. Akin to what you've read?

Huanuni Bolivia to trial new tin processing plant

Feeble reconciliation Four years later, the nationalization seems to have had the hoped-for effect of conclusion the factional conflict. The COB is demanding a minimum allowance of Bs for miners after that for all other workers. All the rage many respects, very little has changed over the past a number of centuries. By selling short-term favors to individual workers, the accord thus seems to be neglecting a long-term safety policy.

Más de 300 efectivos policiales y militares llegaron a Huanuni para reforzar la seguridad

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