After does my paid subscription start?

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Along with fizy Premium membership, you be able to export the fizy lists calm of your favorite songs en route for offline and you can eavesdrop to them over the appliance when your mobile internet is turned off. The monthly bill of the service is calm monthly from the credit certificate registered in the relevant Accumulate until it is cancelled all the rage the relevant Store by the user. You have to login to fizy application and build your profile and set your list as public in array to enable all fizy users see your list. You be able to take the following steps all the rage order to hide the contents to which you can barely listen for 30 seconds contained by the scope of your bias. I can listen to a few contents only for 30 seconds, what should I do?

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But you subscribed for your compensate membership over the Stores, you are required to make the cancellation over the Stores additionally. Your operator cannot access after that view your credit card fact with respect to the purchases made over the Stores. Bias types and prices can be found on My Membership bleep within the application. Who be able to use fizy application?

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Your trial package will continue cultivate the end of its age, however the paid subscription bidding also start and the contribution fee will be received arrange the date you initiate. Accomplish I use my mobile internet package when I listen en route for music over fizy application? Can you repeat that? I recommend for you is: You may use the offline feature in order to eavesdrop to your customized lists, favorite songs and videos at locations where there is no internet.

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Cell phone internet package is not old when the subscribers with Turkcell line having fizy membership associate to fizy application through cell phone internet connection. Now you be able to listen to the lists, songs or videos you exported en route for offline, without any mobile internet. You may download fizy cell phone phone application as free of charge. The security of the information is provided by the company of the relevant Accumulate. Is fizy a paid service? Do I use my cell phone internet package when I eavesdrop to music over fizy application? Membership types and prices be able to be found on My Bias page within the application. You may upgrade your membership as a result of taking the following steps after that you may listen to altogether contents with their full versions.

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I can listen to some contents only for 30 seconds, can you repeat that? should I do? Live concerts that you can watch as of anywhere! You may share the user lists you prepare along with all fizy users. May I have information about the compensate memberships? You may download fizy mobile phone application as at no cost of charge. If you subscribed for your paid membership above the Stores, you are compulsory to make the cancellation above the Stores also. The fact amount in the gift capacity depend on the subscription brand. Your trial package will carry on till the end of its period, however the paid contribution will also start and the subscription fee will be arrive on the date you begin. Can the other users accompany my customized lists?

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