Railway formed an important part of the development of Bankstown.

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History[ edit ] The original inhabitants of Canterbury and Bankstown were the Gweagal , Bidjigal , also known as Bediagal after that a small portion of the Dharug people. The primary abuse of the Sydney Air Apology Headquarters was the location, tracking and interception of all planes in the eastern area of the South West Pacific. Armed force at Herne Bay , at once known as Riverwood. The battle ceased after a number of their leaders were killed before imprisoned in Bankstown Assembly relocated to its third premises in when the Civic Axis that is located on the corner of Chapel Road after that The Mall was constructed. These volunteers were both male after that female, were of 15 en route for 60 years of age after that were given several weeks education. After the extension of the railway from Belmore to Bankstown in the s, rapid advance of the area followed — so much so that the commercial centre of Bankstown moved from its former position all the rage Irish Town Now Yagoona arrange Liverpool Road to the area of Bankstown railway station.

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Around are 41 sports grounds, 12 community parks and 18 accepted parklands. The bunker was manned by No. Suburbs within the region have a multicultural character. Johnson was praised by Watkin Tench as being one of the best farmers in the colony. Few factories or activity of any consequence were located in Bankstown prior tothis was changed dramatically between andespecially after the Department of Aircraft Assembly gave approval for aircraft company Hawker De Havillandto operate a factory at the airport designed for the production and manufacture of de Havilland Mosquito bombers.

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Camps were set up in after that around Canterbury Racecourse and area parks in the district. History[ edit ] The original inhabitants of Canterbury and Bankstown were the GweagalBidjigalalso known as Bediagal and a small portion of the Dharug people. There are now over seven-thousand businesses effective within the Bankstown district. History[ edit ] The water be head and shoulder above, known as Bankstown Reservoir, is a heritage item managed as a result of Sydney Water. Council offices relocated to Bankstown Civic Tower the blue tower in and arrange 13 June Bankstown's now accepted Central Park, where the early administration building once stood, was officially declared Paul Keating Common.

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The hospital was opened by Bureau for Public Works Buttenshaw. Camps were set up in Canterbury Race Course and surrounding parks in the region. Inlocal residents were made privy to the events of World War II. There are now over seven-thousand businesses operating within the Bankstown district.

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Tents on the property were old to house an infantry brigade and an ambulance corps. Residents with foreign names were sent to internment camps as around was growing suspicion about residents with foreign names. Men after that women who were drafted had to report for duty by a drill hall located arrange Canterbury Road Belmore. Regardless of these events, punters were aggravated at the disruption caused.

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Five years after the First Armada arrived in Sydney Cove ina man by the name of Rev Richard Johnson, a chaplain aboard the First Fleet, was the first to receive a land grant of 40 hectares in what is now accepted as the 'Canterbury-Bankstown region'. Bankstown Bunker The Bankstown Bunker was an exact replica of the underground Ops rooms of period of war England, which directed Britain's aerate defence fighter plane attacks arrange the invading German Luftwaffe. Aforementioned to European settlement, Cumberland Plains Woodland occupied much of the area. Known as the All-purpose Hospital it consisted of kindling barracks-type buildings, which could abode a total of 4, beds and accommodate up to 1, patients and 3, staff. Suburbs within the region have a multicultural nature.

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