Made for a nice change of pace on the traditional Margarita though it is distinctly carroty instead of traditional pale bottle green. Test the temperature by putting a little bit of the flour in.

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Deposit two thin slices of jalapeno pepper, a little of the salt mixture and about a tsp. You may have en route for cook the chicken in batches if you are using a small pan. Add the animal protein to the marinade and abandon for 20 minutes. I haven't told anyone where I got the recipe The onion, bring to a halt into quarters or eighths, after that separate each layer so they will cook evenly. Bringing the recipe together This process bidding only take minutes so advantage it just before you are ready to eat. Brought en route for a boil, turned off the heat and let steep await completely cool, strained and after that added the juice as apiece the recipe. The difference is in the mix

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