Kui begins to question his accurate allegiance, and discovers that naught is what it seems.

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The two of them reignite their love affair, as she attempts to explain to him the truth of what's happening. Kui, finally fed up, uses his hidden sword to shatter the compromised shield, leaving a weakened Diaoxian exposed and vulnerable. But, Kui refuses to kill her, instead pleading for her animation. Diaoxian responds by stabbing Kui with a blade. Diaoxian almost immediately discovers that he exhausted a good deal of his own energy amount trying to imprison Snow Child, then exhausts what's left trying to create an energy pyramid to shield himself from an enraged Zhong Kui in ample demon form. Kui catches ahead and notices Snow's predicament. Blizzard arrives on the scene afterward to help her sisters absent, and comes across Kui all the rage his demon form, the two of them confused to achieve themselves fighting on opposite sides.

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But, a suspicious Kui feigns body drunk in order to acquire closer to the girls, all the rage a quest to get them to betray their demon forms. Snow arrives on the area afterward to help her sisters out, and comes across Kui in his demon form, the two of them confused en route for find themselves fighting on conflicting sides. Retrieved March 2, Winston Chao as Zhang Diaoxian, a lesser Chinese deity who's not what he seems, but has the entire city of Hu under his control. He additionally steals the Dark Crystal as of Hell on Daoxian's command. Declining in love with Kui reshapes her and everyone else's fates, for better or worse. Kui catches up and notices Snow's predicament.

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